muthai-tharu pathi thiru-Nagai

athi-kiRai sathich-saravaNa

muthi-koru vithu-guru-bara …… enavOthum

/>mukkat-para maTku-suruthiyin

muTpat-tathu kaTpi-thiruvarum

muppa-thumu varkka-thama-rarum …… adipENa

You are the Lord of Deivayanai, of pearl-like teeth;

You are valiant;

You were brought up in the SaravaNa poikai;

You are the seed of salvation;

You are the Supreme Spiritual Preceptor So praise Him.

pathu-thalai thatha-kaNai-thodu

oTRai-kiri mathai-poru-thoru

patta-pagal vatta-thigi-riyil …… iravaaga

pathaT-kira thathai-kadaviya

pachai-puyal mecha-thagu-poruL

patcha-thodu ratchi-tharuL-vathum …… oruNaaLE

To the three-eyed Lord Siva, You taught the meaning of Om, the mystic word that is chanted at the begiNing

of the recital of the Vedas;

The twain Brahma and Vishnu, the thiry-three demi-gods, and their clan of celestials worship Your feet.

He aimed the arrows to cut the ten heads of RaavaNa;

He churned (the ocean) using Mt. Mantharam as a churning staff;

He made the broad day light dark by the circular discus;

He drove the chariot of Arjuna, his devotee;

He is like a green-hued cloud;

He is Thirumaal (Vishnu) and He praises You!

Please do protect me and confer grace on me this day!

thithi-theya otha-pari-bura

nirtha-patham vaithu-payiravi

thikkot-kaNa tikka-kaLu-godu …… kaLuthaada

thikku-pari atta-payiravar

thokku-thogu thokku-thogu-thogu

sithrap-pavu rikku-thrigadaga …… enavOtha

The anklets in the dancing feet sound thith thith theya;

Bhairavi moving her dancing feet, dances in all directions;

The eagles and devils also dance;

In all eight directions the eight Bhairavas repeat thokuth thogu thokkuth thogu thogu to the tune of the beautiful

circular dance called pavuri.

kothu-paRai kotta-kaLa-misai

kuku-kugu kukku-kugugugu

kuthi-puthai pukku-pidiyena …… muthugoogai

kOtpuT-ReLa natpaT-Ravu-Narai

vetti-pali yittu-kulagiri

kuthu-pada othu-poravala …… perumaaLE

Several drums are sounded;

In the battlefield, the aged eagle sound kukku kugu kukkuk kugu kugu and further utter sounds (as to mean)

stab and bury, enter and catch and rise up whirling.

Oh Lord! You slaughtered the inimical giants (asuras) and sacrificed them.

You are capable of fighting them causing the chief mountain range to be pierced.


Lord Murugan

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