Avvaiyar Song with Eng Translation

AVVAIYAR IS the poetess of the Tamil country who lived thousands of years ago, propagating the fragrance of Tamil literature and also speaking about morality and spirituality. She acted as a messenger between the warring Tamil kings and brought peace among them.

The Avvaiyar who lived during the Sangam period was the court poet of the Tamil rulers. She travelled from one part of the country to another and from one village to another, sharing the gruel of the poor farmers and composing songs for their enjoyment. The Purananuru poet wrote most of her songs on the small time chieftain Athiyaman Neduman and his family. The rest of her songs related to the various aspects of state governance. She was one of the most famous and important female poets of the Tamil canon.

Avvaiyar wrote many of the poems that remain very popular even now and are inculcated in school text books in Tamil Eelam and in the State of Tamil Nadu.

LORD MURUKAN asks: Oh Avvai, what is `RARE`?

Avvaiyar Replies: Oh Lord who holds the beautiful Lance!

`RARE` (or more difficult to attain) is to become a HUMAN BEING.

`Rarer` is to get birth without any deformation like a bent back (koon), blindness, deaf or `Pedu` or Pedi (neither male nor female person without courage) even if one attains human birth without these deficiencies, stillrarer is to obtain knowledge and education.

Even after obtaining knowledge and education, rarer is to do charity and penance. And if one doe`s charity and penance the gates towards the beings of higher realms (God`s heaven) would open.

LORD MURUKAN: Oh Avvai, thank you for beautifully explaining what is rare. What is WORST?

AVVAIYAR: Oh Lord with beautiful Lance who is asking me about what is BAD!

The BAD is poverty. Even worst is the Childhood poverty.

Much worse is an incurable disease

Worse than that is a wife without love, much worse than that is to wilfully eating food given by her.

LORD MURUKAN: Oh Avvai! You can win over all the worlds by your words of Tamil. Can you tell me what is `GREAT`?

AVVAIYAR: Oh Lord with the long lance who is asking what is GREAT,

Great is the world, but the world was created by Brahma. The Brahma came from the navel of `kariyaman` (Lord Vishnu- the lord who is dark skinned. kariyaman sleeps in the sea full of tides (paal kadal-mythical sea in the heaven), the sea is contained in the hands of kurumuniyan(Sage Akasthiya). The kurumuni was born from kalasam(a pot),and the kalasm is smaller than Puvi(the world), the world is weightless for aravu(The Snake aathi seshan who carries the World) and the Aravu is a ring of Godess Uma (the Consort of our beloved Lord Shiva).

Goddess Uma is a part of Supreme Lord Siva, and the Supreme Lord resides in the hearts of his devotees. The love and devotion of his devotees can control even the Lord Siva, The greatest is the glory of the Lord Siva`s devotees.

LORD MURUKAN: Oh Avvai! It won`t be surprising if the beings of higher realms the Gods and Deva`s and the entire heaven become addicted to your Tamil songs. What is SWEETER?

AVVAIYAR: Oh Lord with the long lance who is asking about what is sweeter!

Sweeter is the loneliness (Ekaantham)

Sweeter than that is praying the `aathi`(beginning)

Sweeter than that is to be in the company of knowledgeable people (erudite people)

Sweeter than that is to meet the knowledgeable people in dream and in reality(as they could help you in your spiritual journey).

LORD MURUKAN: Oh Avvai! You answered for what is RARE, WORSE, GREAT and SWEET. What is `NEW`?

AVVAIYAR: It is always NEW, the Song is ever new. The meaningful song is ever new

Oh Lord Muruka! The meaningful song that sings in praise of you is ever new

The Song, that you gave the nectar (the amirtham or eternal language) known as TAMIL into the hearts of the `Blessed Poets` is always NEW.

The beauty that came in the name of `MURUKAN` is ever new.

The youthfulness of ever smiling KUMARAN is ever new.

For the mothers who gave birth to you, your exploits are always new.

For your father `Iraivan` (The Supreme Lord Siva) your Lance and peacock are new.

Oh Lord Muruka! The meaningful song that sings in praise of you is ever new.

For the Moon and the Sun the glowing body of Kanthan( Lord Muruka) is new.

For those who (newly) joined (in devotion of the Tamil god Murukan) the mercy of KANTHAN is new.

The rarest in all knowledge, the greatest of all blessings and the sweetest by eating and eating and enjoying again and again is your Tamil language that you gave us.

That concludes the beginning and begins at the conclusion.

Even for those who know the past, present and future, The Six faced Lord Aarumugan is always NEW.


Lord Murugan

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