Kutiya Mein Meri Aao Baba  –  Shirdi Sai Baba Bhajan

This heart touching sai bhajan is the expression of a sai lover(s), inviting beloved sainath to his/her home with a deep love.
Having unconditional love (Pure Love) in GOD is the indication of being closer to divine.

True love of so many sai brothers and sai sisters can be seen in this video,some of these pictures are the snaps of Baba’s mandir at their home and others are their lovely creations representing their deep devotion in Lord Sainath,many thanks to all of them for sharing and allowing me to use these pictures.

Artist: Shailabh Bansal
Excellent singing by Shailabh one can see a devotee more than an artist in this Bhajan.

Kutiya Mein Meri Aao Baba (2) Aaonaa Aao naa..Aao naa
Kutiya Mein Meri Aao Baba… Aao naa Aao naa
Tu Nirdhan Ke Tum Dhan Baba (2) Aao Naa Aao Naa..Aao naa

Ek Sahara Tera Naam Sairam Sairam Sai..Ram

Roj savoru mein Kutiya tere liye
aaja vo ek baar sahi Sai mere liye
preet hi preet Paavoge..(2) Kutiya Mein Baba
ab to Aao Naa.. Aao Naa.. Aao Naa.. |Ek|

Aasu lagao mein niharoa baant tere
Nitya bichavu phool sai raahon mein teri
murja jaye phool ye naa (2) jaldi Aao Naa
abto Aao Naa.. Aao Naa.. Aao Naa.. |Ek|

Mujh nirdhanke he kutiya me na Aaya..
meri preet ke bhav koa jaanana tu paya
beetaNa Jaaye umariya ye… (2) haise hai Baba..

ab to Aao Naa.. Aao Naa.. Aao Naa.. |Kutiya|

Time line : 0.09 Sec Baba saving the life of a child.
Babas All-pervasiveness and Mercy ( Shri Sai Satcharitra Ch-7)

In the year 1910 A.D., Baba was sitting near the Dhuni on Divali holiday and warming Himself. He was pushing fire-wood into the Dhuni, which was brightly burning. A little later, instead of pushing logs of woods, Baba pushed His arm into the Dhuni; the arm was scorched and burnt immediately. This was noticed by the servant Madhava, and also by Madhavrao Deshpande (Shama). They at once ran to Baba and Madhavarao clasped Baba by His waist from behind and dragged Him forcible back ward and asked, “Deva, for what have You done this?” Then Baba came to His senses and replied, “The wife of a blacksmith at some distant place, was working the bellows of a furnace;her husband called her. Forgetting that her child was on her waist, she ran hastily and the child slipped into the furnace. I immediately thrust My hand into the furnace and saved the child. I do not mind My arm being burnt, but I am glad that the life of the child is saved.”


Lord Saibaba

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