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IT IS BELIEVED – The darshan of Lord Sri Ranganatha is graced (achieved) only to those who had taken birth in Srirangam in their earlier lives. Only such sacred souls that CRAVE for the Lord get the darshan of Lord Ranga. There was a king of TRAVANCORE (Kerala) who was craving for Darshan of Ranga and composed – Ranga yatra diney diney – meaning every day he wanted to go Srirangam but was retained by his ministers. These kings believed that entire kingdom is of Lord and they only do duty fulfilling the Lord’s will. This king is none other than KULA SEKHARA ALWAR. There is another composition – SAPTA PRAKARA MADHYEY SARASIJA MUKULOD BHASA MANEY VIMANEY, KAVERI THATA PARISARA MADHYA SALILE RANGA NATHAM BHAJAMI – It is sanskrit, never bother the language – Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu, English or Hindi. What is important is realization and feeling of Lord VISHNU (Narayana), the preserver.
Lord Ranganatha here is Sri Maha Vishnu himself in sleeping posture with divine mothers Sridevi and Bhudevi. There are three postures of Vishnu (1) Lord Sri Ranganatha – Sleeping (yoga nidra) at Srirangam, (2) Lord Venkateswara – Standing at Tirumala, (3) Lord Badarinath – Sitting posture at Badarinath. At Srirangam the Lord is on GAYATREE MANDAPAM. Silence is the code of conduct. Darashan and Theertham are given inside the sanctum. The temple itself has SEVEN enclaves (Prakaras) depicting SEVEN Layers of obstacles to realize the Lord within (Antharyami). Inside the sanctum, light is dimly lit and one has to concentrate all his energy and vision to have a glimpse of LORD RANGANATHA. Every time you have darshan you are filled with fresh energy of divine grace.


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