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Movie: Maha Chandi
Cast: Vijayashanthi, Laya, Karna, Sudhakar, Ali, Rajan P Dev, Sukanya, Khusbu
Director: Bharathi Kannan
Music: T Rajender
Story: Sree Movie Productions Unit.

Bhairava Murthy (Karan) conspires with Veerabhadram (Rajan P Devan) and tries to appease Goddess Kali, ‘cos he wants to be an MLA. He even renovates her temple, putting in state-of-the-art décor. She refuses to be pleased. So the duo start trying to invoke Chandasur, a certain unsavory character the divine lady had disposed a few millennia before. This is what incenses the lady. Understandable, what! These politicians seem to straddle fences everywhere!

1. Mahima Kaligina,
2. Saranu Saranu,
3. Aadidevuni,
4. Jo Laali,
5. Amma Sambhavi,
6. Adirindhi Kolotam,

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