Narayana Suktam – the supreme self of all –  Yajur Veda  with English sub-titles

The Narayana suktam in praise of Lord Vishnu is one of the most important hymns in the Vedic rituals and is one of the Pancha Suktas.

In a mystical way Narayana is described as the thousand-headed one who is the all-seeing

permanent supersoul in all.

The Suktham describes this concept and firmly establishes Narayana as the indestructible supreme self of all

Like a resplendent flame in the heart of the all beings, Narayana can be visualised in deep meditation.

Thus, the worshipper of the Supreme Narayana need not necessarily look up to the sky to behold Him and adore Him. One can as well see the same Narayana within himself, in his own heart centre.


Lord Vishnu, Mantras

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