RaMaDaSa – Snatam Kaur – Love Vibration

Translation –
Raa- Sun
Maa- Moon
Daa- Earth
Saa- Impersonal infinity
Saa Say- Totally of infinity
So- Personal sense of merger and identity
Hung- The infinite vibrating and real

This song is one of my favorite of all times. I believe it is actually effect time, and when I listen to it, it makes time go slower. It is highly recommended to meditate while listening to it. It has Sun, Moon and Earth energies of healing in it.

Thank you Snatam, you are divine that show others the divine in them.

I highly recommend on going to Snatam Kaur’s site, it is beautiful and special place to visit.
Also, if you have a chance to see Snatam Kaur live, don’t miss it (look in her site for dates and locations). It doesn’t matter what or how do you believe, it’s an amazing event that get many hearts together in universal prayer. JUST GO!

***This is song is not mine I have no rights on it what so ever (the original song is the work of Snatam Kaur and she and Spirit Voyage Records have all copy rights in it) , the pictures are all from Google image.

***The song is 13:31 min length, but I had him shorten it for YouTube upload.

Blessings of Peace, Light and Love to all. Namaste`.


Lord Krishna

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