Selections from Upanyasams Part 148 Sri Vishnu Puranam 16 by Velukkudi Swamigal

வேளுக்குடி ஸ்ரீ உ.வே கிருஷ்ணன் ஸ்வாமிகள் வழங்கும்
ஸ்ரீ விஷ்ணு புராணம்
புராண இரத்தினம் எனப்படும் ஸ்ரீ விஷ்ணு புராணத்தின்
எளிய தமிழ் வடிவம்

/>பகுதி 16

Selections from Upanyasams
Part 148

Sri Vishnu PurANam
Episode 16

By Velukkudi Sri. U.Ve Krishnan Swamigal

Sri Krishna AvathAra
From the Vishnu Purana
Maya is Lord Krishna’s potency which he uses upon ignorant people to hide himself as ignorant people do nothing but find fault in the Lord. To overcome Maya and understand the True self and to see Lord Krishna one must have faith and devotion towards Him

“Arjuna, God abides in the heart of all creatures, causing them to revolve according to their Karma (Desires) by His illusive power (Māyā) as though mounted on a machine

My dear Arjuna, only by undivided devotional service can I be understood as I am standing before you, and can thus be seen directly. Only in this way can you (not only see Me but also) enter into the mysteries of My being.
Hence one should have faith and devotion to Lord Krishna in order to understand him and his divine potency – Yogmaya “

Bhagavad Gita

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