Shiva Gayatri (Dedicated to Sharganesh)

“The Shiva Gayatri is a variation of the Gayatri Mantra sung in praise of Lord Shiva, the hindu god of meditation, penance, and destruction.

“Aum. Let us invoke the three realms of earth (-bhur), wind (-bhuvah) and fire (-swaha). Aum. Let us invoke the superlative (-tad) male (-purusha) and omniscient lord (-vidvamahe). Let us meditate and focus upon (-dheemahi) the supreme (-maha) lord (-devaaya). Let us ask Shiva (-rudra) to provide us inspiration and guidance (-prachodayaat) in our spiritual journeys.”

“The Gayatri Mantras connected with various deities give particular results and siddhis. The Shiva Gayatri confers extraordinary wealth on the worshipper, who becomes another Kubera, the god of wealth and riches. The constant sravana (attentive hearing) of the mantra … surely brings the rewards of prosperity and fulfillment.”

“Listen and Chant Shiva Gayatri Mantra for protection from diseases.”


Lord Shiva

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