Sri Saila Bramarambika Kataksham

movie mainly based on the story of Srisailam Temple. movie starts with introduction of lord siva & parvathi as their annual wedding day.They will decided to move happily on the day but so much interruptions from their followers nandi & brungi , parvathi will be patient for sometime at last she will be get angry upon lord siva & their followers & she will give sapam on lord siva & followers.Then Lord siva will also give sapam to parvathi.Then at last they two will be get sapa vemochanam on the srisailam area.Parvathi devi likes place very much and wanted to stay here with lord siva.They two will stay there with having their statues.In this film we will see so many short movies that describing the importance of lord siva & parvathi devi.So many populars characters will come like k.r.vijaya,pandari bhai brahmanandam,ananda babu,k.k sarma,malladi,chidatala apparavu etc like so many characters will appear


Telugu Devotional

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