Yatra Bhojalram I Yatra of Shri Bhojaldham Fattepur Gujarat

Yatra Bhojalram I Yatra of Shri Bhojaldham Fattepur Gujarat

Voice: Hemant Chauhan, Lalita Ghodadra

Composer: Gopi

Fattepur is situated 305 Km From Ahemadabad & 105 Km from Rajkot Gujarat.This is the land where Dwarkadhish (Lord Krishna) himself appeared before Bhojalrambapa whom Dwarkadhish offered prints of counch shell, wheel, mace and lotus on both the hands.

This is the land where Jalarambapa had spend most of time of life in devotion and Sadhana. As a result of guru, he started sadawrat (daily distribution of food to the mendicants) in Virpur by blessing of Sadguru. It is well known in world wide.

This is the land where Bhojalrambapa had made religious rites (Sadhana) upto 40 years.

Glorious spire temple will be built on this holy land. In this temple the celestial idols of Bhojalrambapa and his two powerful disciples Jalarambapa and Valamrambapa will be reputed in this temple. Moreover ,Ram temple the idol of Hanumanji, Radha Krishna and Shiv Panchayat, Suryanarayan and Randalmata will be reputed.

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