Thiruneer Ennai Kaakum _ Sangeerthanam

Album~ Sangeethanam

Sung By, Yugendran ( Malaysia) Vasuthevan

Sangeerthanam is a Malaysian devotional album

released by Mrs.Rekha Ravindran somewhr in yr 2007,if im not mistaken.

Here r d simple translation for the song I posted.

1.Thiruneer Ennai Kaakum Vadivelavaa -Lord Vadivelan who always protects me in the form of viboothi. (Viboothi the holy ash)

2.Vadivel Enthan Thunaiyeh Vel Muruga – Lord Muruga and his (vel) sacred Spear are my companion (that makes me feel im protected always.) The Vel, is the most powerful weapon in Lord Muruga’s armory.

3.Undhan Naamam Ennai Naadum Vel Muruga — Your name will reach me and protect me whenever I need you.

4.Om Muruga Om Muruga Sharavana Bhava Guha Vadivela – LORD MURUGA (DIFFERENT NAMES)

5.Shiva Perumaan Unthan Thanthai Allavoh – Lord shiva is your father

6.Parvathi Amma Un Thaai Allavoh – Goddess parvathi is your mother

7.Sri Ganesha Unthan Annan Allavoh – Lord Ganesha is your elder brother

8.Ingu Paadum Indha Uyir Undhan Pillai Allavoh — and The soul who is singing this song is your child.

9.Om Muruga Om Muruga Sharavana Bhava Guha Vadivela – LORD MURUGA (DIFFERENT NAMES)

10.Kangal Unnai Naadum Vadivelava – My eyes will always look for you Lord Muruga. ( you are filled in my every visions)

11.Enthan Kanneer Unthan Abhishegam Vel Muruga — My tears will the (abhisega) holy water on you, Lord Muruga.

12.Om Muruga Om Muruga Sharavana Bhava Guha Vadivela” – LORD MURUGA (DIFFERENT NAMES)

Tq for watching.

May the blessing of lord Muruga be upon all of us. _/_


Lord Murugan

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