Glory of Lord Hanuman:85 Feet Lord Hanuman in West Indies

This video is about the 85 Feet Lord Hanuman in West Indies constructed by Sri Ganapati Sacchidananda Swamiji of Awadhoota Dattapeetam in 2003…

The song included in this video is the Mangalam part of Sundarkandam present in Ramayana…song is in Kannada Language…It describes the Glory and Greatness of Lord Shri Ram & Lord Hanuman…

This video is a work of RSSOwner Youtube channel.

Courtesy of Song: Sung by Kannadigas in USA(Its a complete CD of Sundarkandam consisting of 11 tracks in it.)For the video here,only the last track i.e;11th track-Mangalam part is been used.


Lord Hanuman

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