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Hanuman Chalisa is yet another album from Cyber Village Solutions in the series of its “Devotional 3D animation video albums”. This album is built over a period of 2.5 years with huge sets, excellent technical values, outstanding special effects and exquisite graphics. The meaning and context of Hanuman Chalisa, Astakam, Harati have been visualized in beautiful and easily understandable way

The album consists of 3 songs called Hanuman Chalisa, Astakam, Harati. Total duration of the album is 25 minutes. Hanuman chalisa written by Sri Tulasidas consists of Doha Chopayi and 40 other slokas. Hanuman chalisa illustrates key episodes of Lord Hanuman’s life, demonstrating his bravery, courage and his love towards devotees. It portrays devotees worshipping Lord Hanuman, Hanuman providing his blessings to devotees. 8 slokas in as ashtakam explains how lord hanuman has cleared different obstacles and why he is named as “Sankata Mochana”. Harati consists of 12 slokas which devotees sing while performing harati. People who just listened to Hanuman Chalisa so far can now view it. Though millions of people listen to Hanuman Chalisa everyday only thousands know the real meaning of it, this album is built to explain Hanuman Chalisa to general public in easily understandable way using Computer Graphics

This album is built to cater Television, Home entertainment & Mobile audience across ages in different languages. The album is currently available in 10 different Indian languages. Work is in progress to release the album in 6 other languages. The album is available at all famous temples, music, book shops. We are currently in discussion with various television channels for broadcasting.

This album is conceived, written & directed by Rambabu Pendyala. Suresh, Srilatha and Govinda Raju have actively contributed to the album across various segments. J Raja Shekara Sharma has provided music for the album and Krishna Chaitanya has done the vocals. Al l the pre-production, animation and Post Production work of album have been performed locally in the Cyber Village Solutions studio. This album is built with semi-realistic animation. Cyber Village Solutions have also released Panchatantra in 2D animation and Alibaba 40 thieves Sri Venkateswara Suprabhatam, Govinda Hari Govida albums in 3D animation, which are critically acclaimed along with good success among audiences.

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